We have installed rubber mats in all of our stalls!

Horses, exhibitors, and our staff can enjoy the many benefits of rubber mats.

Rubber mats provide cushion, traction and insulation for horses.

  • Rubber mats provide a more cushioned, softer surface than dirt or concrete. Stall mats allow horses to be more comfortable and they reduce the risk of leg and feet injuries due to impact stress.
  • When concrete, dirt, or wooden floors become wet, horses are more likely to slip, and over stress muscles. Rubber mats provide traction for horses and reduces the risk of injuries due to muscle stress.
  • Concrete, dirt, or wooden floors tend to get cold, especially in the winter once the ground has froze. Rubber mats act as a natural insulator in stalls, keeping horses more comfortable during those cold winter months.

Rubber mats provide a smooth surface, and drainage benefits for exhibitors and staff.

  • The smooth surface of rubber mats allows stalls to be cleaned quickly and with more ease.
  • Rubber mats allow urine to drain off in between the mat’s interlocking edges. This is both better for the horse and for the person cleaning the stall.

As of December 2008 Iowa Equestrian Center has installed rubber mats in all 210 stalls of our stall barn!